Tips to quit

quit cigarettes
  • 1

    Avoid increasing the number of cigarettes you smoke. Remember, your goal is to smoke less and eventually quit completely.

  • 2

    Avoid going back down in levels. Once you reach a new level, stay there. It typically takes about a week to adjust to the new level and it will actually start to feel like a full cigarette.

  • 3

    Try to space out your cigarettes. Chain smoking will raise nicotine levels in your body and increase withdrawal.

  • 4

    Friends, family, and support groups are there to help you quit. Call on them whenever you need more strength to get through!

  • 5

    Most Important: Never give up trying to quit! Cigarettes are designed to be addictive and breaking away from them is a process that takes time. Be strong and you will beat them!

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