Why Are You Quitting?

happy family

For Your Family

This is the biggest reason why I quit. I could not imagine the thought of leaving my family behind for making the choice to keep smoking cigarettes. Now I have more time to spend with them and extra energy too!

pile of money

To Save Money

I was spending thousands of dollars a year on cigarettes. Now I put that money aside and either treat myself to something special or use the money to go on a vacation.

healthy person

To Look Better

Quitting increases oxygen in your blood and gives your skin a healthier appearance. A whiter smile is another benefit (and you will smile more when you succeed!).


For your health

The list of health risks from smoking is a long one. Reduce those risks by quitting to get sick less often, have more energy, and save on medical bills!


To Live Longer

Chances of premature death increase the longer you smoke. Quit now to give yourself the chance to live a long and happy life!


How do you save $100s or $1000s a year?

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